TSC Tomorrow


We’ll be hosting the TSC tomorrow. SFG Enrique Jackson will be our official judge for anyone needing a real score.

Doors open at 10:00, we’ll get set up, give you time to warm up your deadlift and figure out your openers. Around 10:30 we’ll start the deadlifts using powerlifting rules (3 attempts, weight only goes up).  

After the deadlifts, we’ll give everyone one shot on the pull-up bar to do as many strict pull-ups as possible.

And then comes the real fun, the 5:00 snatch test. 

That means no Kinstretch or Weightlfting Club practice tomorrow.

If you’re visiting Barbell Strategy for the TSC - here’s what you need to know

Be sure to have created an account with us here and sign the waiver. If you get that done early, it makes it easier for us.

We’re in the shopping center at the South East corner of Baseline and Broadway in Boulder. Park in the main lot, we’re hidden in the back of the shopping center.  If you know where The Egg and I used to be, we’re behind that.  

2576 Baseline Rd
Boulder, CO 80305

Find your way to Baseline Rd and head west.  After you pass 27th way, turn left into the shopping center and park anywhere. Then try to find us - we’re well hidden in the back.  The folks at the bike shop and coffee shop are used to giving instructions to us if you’re having trouble finding us.

A big post about the TSC and all the info you need in one place is here.

What am I up against?

I took some time to go through past TSC results and found some interesting things…

The best haven’t gotten better and even with are more participants each year the median is surprisingly consistent! Here’s where the median is for the various divisions:

Deadlift 245 lbs (Elite 275 lbs)
Pullups 4 (Elite 8)
Snatch 105 (Elite 86)

Deadlift 375 lbs (Elite 440 lbs)
Pullups 12 (Elite 10)
Snatch 100 (Elite 68)

If you beat those scores you’ll be half of the other competitors around the world! And remember, this is a pretty select group, this isn’t a come-get-a-participation-award type competition.

I’m trying some fun ways of plotting the data, but I haven’t come with anything that really feels good yet. Maybe next week I’ll get you some pretty pictures.

Michael Deskevich