Remember the Altria nee Philip Morris trick


After all of the tobacco lawsuits made their way through the mainstream news, and Philip Morris was a household name of the sellers of known carcinogens, what did they do? They changed their name to Altria. That sounds friendly.

Now that Round Up is a household name (and finally popular enough that we were able to get our HOA to stop spraying it - kind of sad that it took this long, but hey, it's progress) and the company that makes Round Up, Monsanto is well known enough. It's time for them to play the same trick.

Another big player in the agribusiness world is Bayer - yes, the Aspirin folks. I've worked with their agribusiness stuff before in other contexts, and they're just as bad as the Monsanto folks, they just have a friendlier name since they cure your headaches.

I saw on Slashdot a couple of weeks ago that Bayer was buying Monsanto, and since Bayer has the friendly name, they're retiring the old Monstanto brand, a la Philip Morris. Be ready for more PR and "science" telling us how safe glyphosate is and how you need to keep eating your heart healthy vegetable oils.

Michael Deskevich