Happy 3 years!

I guess today is the official 3 year anniversary of the gym. We had our soft opening in June of 2015, but July was the official start of everything.

If you're expecting your blue shirt - I'll get it to you next week when I'm back at the gym. 

If you're new to the gym, you may not know about the coveted colored shirts. We like to promote the longevity of our great community, so we give out special shirts on your anniversary of joining the gym. On your 1st anniversary you get a green shirt, 2nd yellow, and 3rd blue.

We randomly chose green for the 1-year shirts, and then realized that the 10 kilo plates are green, so we decided to just follow the standard IWF plate colors for our shirts - so look out for the red shirts to arrive next year.

If you see someone in a green/yellow/blue shirt, you know they've been indoctrinated to the Barbell Strategy way and if you have any questions, you can ask them and be confident in their answer.

Special thanks to all or the who are celebrating your 3-year anniversary with the gym, we're so happy that you stayed with us this whole time. I'm amazed at how many folks there are that have been here since the beginning! 

Michael Deskevich