Cognitive Dissonance Anyone?


Quick! If you want to lose weight, what advice are you going to get from everyone including your doctor? “Eat less, move more”, “Spend at least 20 minutes three times a week moving”, “Do more cardio”…

For some reason - probably our “work ethic” culture - we have this feeling that the reason we’re all sick and fat is that we don’t work out enough or that we can just do more to counter act that birthday cake we just ate. It doesn’t work that way.

I found this article yesterday that shows how even when the actual reason is right under our nose, we still don’t get it. The article is about zoos needing to limit the access of modern fruit to the animals because it makes them fat.

Zookeepers in Melbourne have had to wean their animals off fruit -- which is now so full of sugar that it has made them fat and rotted their teeth.

The cultivation and selective breeding of fruit has made fruit so sugary that they are now too unhealthy for the animals.

And we scroll down half a screen we have

Fruit for humans is linked to reducing risks of heart disease, cancer and stroke.

It contains fructose and its fiber, water and chewing resistance mean that the sugar it contains hits the liver more slowly than the free sugars in soft drinks…

So, it’s obvious that eating an evolutionary inappropriate diet is bad for animals in a zoo (including primates!) but that it’s totally fine for humans to eat the same stuff. Don’t you think that matching a human diet to our ancestry would be a good idea too?

Or is it just that evolution and environmental effect only apply to animals, not humans?

How does any serious nutritionist not put 2 and 2 together?

Michael Deskevich