Just move - it doesn't need to be perfect

Earlier this week, Randy posted a link to the video below and I finally got around to watching it. I really like this guy. One of the things that annoys me with the industry is that everyone geeks out on the perfect way to move and talks about it more than just doing it.

I see my job as keeping you from being dumb and hurting yourself. But beyond that, I like to get everyone moving as soon as possible and let you experiment and see what works for you.

Taleb rants about this in Antifragile calling it "lecturing birds how to fly." Everyone wants to sound smart and make their space in the industry so they come up with all the rules and dysfunctions that need to be fixed. Generally, you should just be moving and doing what doesn't hurt and we'll make small tweaks to get better. It's better to practice than to just theorize about the best way to move.

Michael Deskevich