Yoga and Boot camps aren't working!


Last week Amy and I had a rare break from our hellions. So we were actually able to take advantage of the beautiful South Boulder trails we live near. It wasn't one of the popular trails, so the folks we saw were definitely not tourists, and very likely South Boulder locals like us. We probably passed about a dozen folks while we were out.

Every single one of them looked frail and weak. Most were hiking tentatively with walking poles over only slightly rough ground. Their knees were shaky (like I always yell at you for when you're squatting), their arms were tiny and weak. And these were the fit people, the ones actually out on the trail!

Amy's comment was: "Why aren't we making a killing at the gym? We should have a wait list. Everyone needs us!".  It's true! But can you blame them when this is what's presented as health and fitness in the most fit city in the country!

If you don't want to click that link, it's the health and fitness section of the Daily Camera - we were once feature in there but have since been pushed off the main page by yoga and boot camps. As I write this, the workouts featured on the main page are (in order) yoga, dance, walking, yoga, yoga, boot camp, yoga, yoga, yoga, boot camp, yoga, kickboxing, yoga, yoga, crossfit, dance, HIIT, HIIT, yoga, HIIT.

We need to redefine fitness. It's not about doing hard things, it's about actually becoming a stronger, more capable human. Doing things that feel hard is just giving you a false sense of security. 

Make sure the time you spend in the gym is actually improving your life. You have a finite amount of time each day, so use it wisely. Get strong so that you can have fun. Sarah uses it for dancing. Another member just left for a month in Kathmandu to go hiking around the Annapurna range. You can't be weak and do that!

Michael Deskevich