More Plant-based Propaganda

Image stolen from a talk by Peter Ballerstedt who I’ll probably talk about later

Image stolen from a talk by Peter Ballerstedt who I’ll probably talk about later

I have an agenda - I want you to be strong.

Even better - I want you to pay me to help you become strong.

My goal is to make a living making people stronger.

I think there’s nothing better for your health and longevity than being strong, and since I believe in that so much, I’m trying to align my live so that I can do that for as many people as possible.

I’m totally transparent about my motives when I write or speak about strength and health. I never speak from my position of authority without being clear what my biases are.

I hate it when I see that elsewhere - like every article that’s ever written in a newspaper or shown on TV news. Hint: nothing you ever read or see is there by accident, someone put it there because of an agenda.

I saw this headline in Boulder Finest Newspaper: Boulder nutritionist says forget food fads, just be balanced, and immediately got mad. I hate the terms “food fad” and “be balanced” is such a wishy-washy term. It’s just like “moderate”. It’s crap. It’s people who just want to water down a message and pretend they’re helping. Nutritionists do it all the time!

Then, since I’m a glutton for punishment, I actually read the article. It’s was largely content-free, but I did see this line which just set me off: “Particularly concerning is when we start eliminating entire food groups from our diets or loading up on supplements because of perceived health benefits.”

When you see things like “eliminate entire food groups” you know there’s an industry bias there. It’s usually in couched in therms of “don’t give up your hearthealthywholegrains because you’re scared of gluten”. (Hint, most of those articles are written by nutritionists who are paid by big food.) And what’s really annoying is that same people who are so quick to tell you not to give up an entire food group are the same ones that say you shouldn’t eat meat!

So I got bored and googled the author of this article to see what else she had written. The same person who said “don’t eliminate entire food groups” also said “When planned properly, vegetarian diets can be appropriate for all life stages” in this article. Of course, she does say that there’s a lot of work to do to make sure you’re getting everything you need (so I give her credit for that). But really, she’s saying don’t cut out entire food groups, but its okay to cut out meat - an entire food group! However she does say that you do need to take a bunch of supplements to make up for what you’re missing from meat.

And of course, she’s a member of Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group Speakers Bureau where you can hire speakers who are RDs to give you your appeal-to-authority speeches to save the world.

If vegetarianism works for you. I’m never going to tell you to change. What you eat is very personal and tied into so many parts of your life. I never want to go there. My complaint is that the plant-based crowd has (incorrectly) claimed the moral and ecological and environmental high ground and that they write articles from a position of authority that are self-contradictory and self-serving, and likely just plain wrong (if you’re self-contradictory, at least one of your articles has to be wrong).

And do you really want to be wrong when you’re affecting the health of society? Apparently what we’re currently doing isn’t working, maybe we should try something else before we become bankrupt from health care spending.

Michael Deskevich