Goal setting, the TSC, and Strength Club

photo stolen from  lane1photos.com

photo stolen from lane1photos.com

Did you participate in the Tactical Strength Challenge this past spring? Are you driven to improve your performance in the snatch, deadlift and pull-up?  If you are already proficient in the basic movements we teach at Barbell Strategy and want to get stronger than ever you should join the Barbell Strategy Strength Club.

Strength Club is a new option available to Barbell Strategy members beginning July 30th.  We will focus on building strength and power through powerlifting training and a lot of hardstyle kettlebell work. Members can complete their workouts - available in 3 or 5 day per week templates - during normal S&C class times. An additional Strength Club practice session will be available on Saturdays for members who miss a day during the week or need additional instruction.  Our main goal will be performance in the TSC which occurs every fall and spring. The next event is only a few months away so join the club and start getting ready now!

See Blake for more information.

Blake Nelson