Crazy Russians and their Kettlebells

Image stolen from linked article

Image stolen from linked article

In addition to my weird applied-math-weightlifter blogs, I also follow car blogs. I like cars.

This article showed up yesterday that brings together my love of cars and kettlebells. Vlad from Russia has a lot of old soviet cars lying around his garage and he does lots of silly things with them for YouTube. 

His latest video is about strapping kettlebells to the wheels of his car to "see what happens."

I found it funny that some random Russian guy just happened to have 2-32 kilo kettlebells lying around in his garage to play with. I guess they really are popular over there. 

One of the commenters said that he didn't even know they made kettlebells that heavy. Ha! That's our middle weight.

No, you can't take my pretty powder coated kettlebells and do any experiments, so don't ask.

Michael Deskevich