One month until the Tactical Strength Challege - are you ready?


We’re one month out from the TSC - October 27 - doors open at 10:00, we’ll try to get started with the first flight at 10:30.

It’s my favorite semiannual event. Whether you’re doing Blake’s morning program or my evening program, you’ve been training for it!

Actually, as long as you’re training both raw strength, and strength endurance, you’ve been training for the TSC.

I, personally, just use the TSC as a mid-year checkup to see where I am. I rarely train specifically for it, it’s just a good way for me to see how my training has been going. Though this year, I do need to focus on the deadlift, some of you are getting too close to me!

I also like to use this as an event to show folks what the gym is all about. We, of course, invite all the local StrongFirst followers to participate with us. But we also invite anyone else in the community who knows how to deadlift, pull-up, and snatch to participate. Bring your friends and family, everyone is welcome.

Please sign up for the TSC here so that I know who’s coming. If you’re not a member, use that link too. It will ask you to create and account and sign the waiver and then you can enroll. I think this is going to be a pretty popular event this year, so I would like to have all the lawyer-y stuff done before that morning.

Michael Deskevich