Functional Range Conditioning



I've been doing a really poor job of advertising what Traci and Bridget bring to us. Every week they offer Kinstretch classes on Wednesday and Saturday. It's cheap for members - only $20! - so you should check it out. Kinstretch is a great way for you to add more ways for your body to move. Their last post on movement variability got me thinking about antifragility and how Kinstretch can expand the domain where you are convex. But I won't go into another antifragile rant - I'm hoping that you'll continue to read below.

Traci and Bridget also offer more in depth one-on-one work with planned progressive programs. If you are having any movement issues, talk to them and set up a Functional Range Assessment. They'll take you through a whole bunch of tests to figure out what's not working for you and come up with a plan to fix it.

Usually when you come to me with a problem I say "just do more deadlifts" or maybe some heavy swings. And odds are that it will fix just about anything. But there are times when throwing iron at it isn't the solution and you need people smarter than me. If you're struggling with movement, you owe it to yourself to talk to them. They're happy to work with you to solve your problems.

Michael Deskevich