Anniversary Party!


It's that time of year again for our anniversary party. We love to celebrate another year at Barbell Strategy by getting together. This year we're actually going somewhere other than the gym! Join us Saturday, July 21 at Harlow Platts Community Park in South Boulder. We've reserved a pavilion and a grill and we'll get started around 11. We'll provide burgers and nonalcoholic drinks, and you can bring a side or dessert (or your favorite thing to throw on the grill if you don't want a burger). We don't have an alcohol permit, so if you want to enjoy some adult beverages, there will probably have to be an afterparty at one of South Boulder's fine establishments. We'll present the 3-year shirts (blue!) to our there-from-the-beginning die-hard members, maybe play some games, do some pull-ups on the playground, and discuss our favorite topics: fonts, nutrition documentaries, font documentaries, tech, fast cars, obscure Soviet weightlifting literature, tequila. We hope to see everyone there! 

Amy Santamaria