Don't miss your opportunity for a Barbell Strategy membership

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We're entering our 4th year at Barbell Strategy, and one thing we've done really well is member retention. Really the only people who stop coming here are those that move away. I love that! Classes are growing in size!

We're not a typical gym where you can just drop in once or twice. Our value comes in the long term development you get from consistent training. And that's why we invest so much when you join. We don't have a separate on-ramp class because we want you to train with everyone from day 1. We do have special things we do with a newbie, but we do it during class - and that takes a lot of attention from the coach.

It's the best way to get up to speed with our style of programming, and it works really well. Plus it allows the veterans to see how we teach movements and they can learn how to become helpful too. It's a better model than the one-true-way dictatorship that I see elsewhere.

We love our small classes and personal attention, and we never want that to change. We're coming close to a natural size for our gym. Looking at the growth rate, we'll need to start a wait list at the end of the summer so that our membership doesn't grow too fast.

If you've been a lurker here on blog and have been afraid to join us, now's your chance to take the leap and come in. We're friendly and we don't bite, so visit one of our S&C classes and join before we have we start the wait list.

Check out our schedule here and sign up for a class to see what you're missing.

Michael Deskevich