A doctor that gets it? Really!

Doctors are way behind on nutrition information. They typically only get a few hours of nutrition lecture in medical school, and it’s the dogmatic low fat stuff.

In most states they have to defer to registered dietitians and can’t even give nutrition advice. Down in the southern hemisphere they even are getting sued for giving advice. See Tim Noakes and Gary Fettke - both respected doctors who were sued by their respective country’s dietetics associations.

Just this week my doc had a blog post about how elimination diets can actually help! I had to check to make sure that these weren’t crazy vegan stuff, and I was pleasantly surprised that it’s all the same stuff that I say! (Though that weird food pairing diets seems a bit woo to me.)

I’m so happy to see that my (non-mainstream) doc is on board with real nutrition advice! Now, she did get nervous when I said I was planning on trying full carnivore, but actually wrote down Sean Baker’s name when I told her that it’s not nearly as scary is it sounds. Maybe I’m just a pain and she doesn’t want to fight with me, but she’s the only doc I’ve ever dealt with that’s open to novel nutrition information and not just about regurgitating the USDA, AHA, nonsense.

I’m not getting anything from this post (my doc doesn’t even know I’m writing it) - but here’s a thought: It’s open enrollment time. The libertarian in me says that the best thing for your money (and philosophically too) is to get a high-deductible catastrophic plan and then go with a direct care model like this one. Cutting out the third party makes things so much better. Think about it like this: people are sensitive to who’s paying for a service. Is your doc going to work for you more when it’s your money or your insurance company’s money (or worse yet, when it’s the government’s money). Is the insurance company or government going to offer to pay more for better care or are their only interest in saving money?

My visits are always an hour long and not rushed, and she follows up with me right away. In fact, I don’t use her enough to really get my money’s worth (I had seeing doctors, even good ones!), but it’s still so much better than dealing with the system.

Michael Deskevich