AGT - I drank the Kool-Aid

Image credit -  Boulder Swing Dance

Image credit - Boulder Swing Dance

I was on board with the idea of AGT from the beginning... As a dancer, the idea of being able to dance faster for longer was appealing to me, and I thought it would be a fun experiment to try! I did a lot of it last fall/winter leading up to a trip I took where I knew I was going to be dancing for 8-ish hours a day for around 12 days. That's a lot. Usually after a dance event (3-4 days), you feel like your legs are going to fall off, but not this time! I danced until there was no more music to dance to, and instead of my body being destroyed after the trip, I merely needed a little extra sleep.

So I have continued to do AGT workouts. Fast forward to a week or two ago. I'm at a dance where the band is playing New Orleans jazz (think bouncy and fast). I have a couple dances with my friend Andrew, who lifts weights and is a generally fit person, and at the end of the second song, he's sweating and breathing heavily. I barely broke a sweat dancing with him, and he's like "How in the world are you so okay after that???" And I danced the whole night and barely sat out for any songs, while most of my fellow (even very experienced) dancers were gasping for air. So that was the real light bulb moment for me- this really does work! 

Now I know most (all of?) you are not dancers, but the same principle applies for running, biking, hiking, or pretty much anything else you can do. Train AGT and then go out and do ALL the fun things!

Sarah Siertle