The WTF effect...again

You may have noticed a couple of folks doing a different program the last couple of weeks. We were testing an antiglycolytic A+A program for the Strong First group. Even though I do this stuff every day, and I totally believe in the strange success that kettlebells bring, I have another WTF effect story to bring you.

You may not recognize it, but at least once a month, more like once every three weeks or so, you guys do the Simple and Sinister workout:

10x10 1-arm swings / 0:30
rest 1:00
10x1 TGU / 1:00

It's a great workout, there's a whole book dedicated to it and it is always known for the WTF effect. We used S&S as a proxy for fitness.

We started with a pre-test of a heavy S&S routine, but instead of the timed S&S that you guys do, it was simply to complete each round of work and not start the next round until you were recovered. That is, the sooner you'd recover the quicker you'd get the work done. When we were done with the 6 weeks of work, we retested the recovery-based S&S to see how we recovered.

Here are some results:

Student #1 20:29 -> 12:14
Student #2 24:00 -> 15:41
Student #3 16:23 -> 11:05
Student #4 21:00 -> 16:00

I'll even quote my body comp numbers (I won't share anyone else's since that's private) - 201 lbs to 194 lbs and, even more crazy, 38" waist to 35"!

I'm shocked by the improvements here. I would totally expect to see changes that big in an untrained population, but everyone who did this program was an advanced student who was already well trained. To see that kind of an effect from a 6-week super easy program is crazy. 

The program we were on was definitely an AGT long-rest program. Short bouts of intense work and long rests until recovery. No workout was longer than 30 minutes. It seemed too easy.

I'll write up the whole summary later after I get clearance from Strong First to share it all, but in the mean time if you are proficient at the swing, goblet squat, and TGU and are looking for a really boring and easy program that improves your body comp - come find me!

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Michael Deskevich