New Youth/Teen class starting this week


Blake is offering two new options starting this week. For regular members we’ll have a 10:00AM class Tuesday and Thursday. We’re hoping that this time can be more useful for folks who are usually busy in the early mornings and evenings. Tell your friends!

The other class is a kids-only class. Tuesday and Thursday after school 4-5, we’re going to have a dedicated time to introduce kids to smart strength training. Since kids’ schedules are more erratic, we’re offering this as a punch-card based class rather than our normal membership.

Kids really need an early introduction to strength training. There’s too much focus on organized sports and not enough time playing and just learning how to move. Blake has a great background in natural movement which I’m sure will be part of this as well as our traditional kettlebell and barbell work.

If you know someone who’s interested, please send them this way. I wish something like this was available for me when I was in middle and high school. I don’t want anyone to miss out on this if they have the opportunity to get strong while they’re young.

Michael Deskevich