Can We Please Stop ‘Listening to Our Bodies’?

Photo by AlexRaths/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by AlexRaths/iStock / Getty Images

I’m so used to the never ending debate between the vegans and the carnivores that I usually just tune it out. As you know, I’m much more aligned with the carnivore side of things.

I had a great response to going Paleo 10 years ago. So good, that I never stopped and still eat that way today. (Maybe a little more relaxed now - but the strict transition was great!)

You can cherry pick science on both sides to prove your point. But one thing you can’t cherry pick is how you feel. By all means, if eating vegan makes you feel good, go for it. But I’ve never heard anyone who’s had chronic good health after cutting meat out of their diet.

What’s funny about all of this is that the latest vegan argument is to not listen to your body. That is, just do it because we say it’s good for you. Here’s a silly article I came across that makes that argument. I’d argue that given all the fraud or just bad science that’s been done, the only thing you can do is listen to your body. Only you know how you feel, and when you feel healthy and strong, you know it.

Michael Deskevich