Clarification on this month's program

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Since I was out of town at the beginning of last week, we had a bit of confusion about the intent of this month's program. 

I'm going to write a longer theory post later this week, but for now, just trust me.

I went back and reread last week's intro to the program, and I saw that I wasn't as clear as I wanted to be about the intended intensity of work. It was in my head, but it didn't come out in words.

I want the swings to be the focus of the program. Go heavy, and do good hardstyle swings on the 10 minute interval.

Then, in between the swings, you need to do something to keep busy. For the 2,3,5's that's prescribed in between the swings I want you to go light and fast. Think of it as warm-up weight or a little bit heavier. Move fast and don't struggle.

Take this as time to work on your form and skill. Make every rep perfect. But please don't go heavy. I don't want you to struggle and grind out the lifts. The intent is a fast-and-loose drill.

If you're new to the movement, don't worry about it. You don't need to even do the 2,3,5's. Just practice the movements. Take this as time to learn. Don't feel any pressure to get the required reps - just move. But I do want you back on the swings on the 10 minute interval.

Michael Deskevich