What they're saying about us

We got a wonderful review about us this week. Since it's public on the google, I figure I can repost it here.  I love when you guys just get it. I'm not good at marketing and we don't do the sexy stuff, but it works. 

I've been listening to a bunch of new podcasts the last couple of weeks about training and I'm more convinced we're doing the right thing. 

I'm so happy to read a review like this - when you describe the gym in your own words and understand why we do the things the way we do, I know I'm doing the right thing.


This is the anti-hype gym. They offer nothing more than the essentials: barbells, kettlebells, pullup bars, racks, and platforms (there are some rowers). Coaching and programming is simple and effective. There is no push to sell you anything, no fancy marketing, no weird competitive attitudes. It's very pragmatic. The coaches only care about getting you fit. They don't even seem to care too much about what sells, as long as what they do actually works (which it does, sometimes shockingly fast).

Michael Deskevich