Function Range Conditioning

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) is a system used for mobility training: to close the gap between your active and passive ranges. FRC is what you're after if you have specific goals in mind or are facing physical limitations to doing the things you love. It is a program written specifically for your needs based upon what we discover from your Functional Range Assessment. You will notice that you not only receive a training program, but tools in your toolbox to change your lifestyle. The whole point of what we do is to help bring deeper awareness to how you are currently functioning and improve it based on the scientific principles and evidence-based methods of FRC.

Functional Range Assessment

Before we can start honing in on your needs to get you closer to your goals, we need to find out what we're workin' with. The assessment is a critical point in how we move forward with your training. The level of intervention is crucial to the efficacy of your program. For a Functional Range Assessment (FRA), we will take you through an in-depth full body assessment of your joints' functioning by testing your active to passive ratios. We will discover what ranges of motion you have and what ranges of motion you need for the movements you are currently performing or wish to perform. We will then take you through the CARs routine (Controlled Articular Rotations) to see how well you are able to articulate your ROM. Then we'll make a personalized plan for you with follow-up Functional Range Conditioning.


We offer Kinstretch at Barbell Strategy through a collaboration with Vital Roots movement. What is Kinstretch? Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility, and usable ranges of motion. Why is it important? If we don't move well, we won't perform well. When we train for exercises (squat, press, etc), we learn how to be really good at one way of doing things without accounting for changing variables. If our systems are conditioned to only doing things one way - rigidity, it leads to system break-down. Kinstretch conditions our system for variability so that we have more degrees of freedom, thereby mitigating the potential for future injury.  Our instructors will take you through a 1-hour strength and mobility progression, focusing on different body parts and movements every class.


In addtition to FRC-style bodywork, we also provide pain relief and mobility restoration through Rossiter System. It's not massage, it's a form of “partner assisted” connective tissue stretching where your Rossiter practitioner applies weight with the foot (for most of the techniques) and coaches you through various movements to fully stretch and open the tissues. We call a Rossiter recipient the “Person in Charge.” You determine the intensity of the session in the knowledge that the harder you work and the more you “go for it,” the more you will get out of it. Randy is a certified level 4 Rossiter Practitioner and is available by appointment.