Mike Deskevich


Owner, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Mike has a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics from the University of Colorado. By day he works as a computational mathematician in high-performance computing and data analytics solving interesting scientific problems and keeping the homeland safe. In the evenings you'll find him programming and teaching our S&C classes. He has over two decades of strength training under his belt and has spent more than 10 years in the local weightlifting and kettlebell communities. His goal is to take his experiences and combine them with the decades of research and knowledge in the Strength and Conditioning community to develop smart programming that makes people strong, fit, and healthy. Mike is a passionate advocate of using strength and smart nutrition to build health and fitness for life. He also spent a few years doing CrossFit and knows how to bring you over from the dark side if you’re looking for something more sustainable.

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Amy Santamaria


Owner, USAW Sports Performance Coach

Amy has a Ph.D. in psychology and neuroscience from the University of Colorado. She is also a USAW Sport Performance Coach and was introduced to weightlifting through CrossFit back when it was only a single website. Amy is a proponent of Olympic weightlifting as a sport for all ages and abilities and as a tool for supporting functional health. She shares Mike’s passion for smart approaches to nutrition and whole health.

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Randy Hauer


USAW National Coach
Sports Performance Coach

Randy is a USA Weightlifting National Coach, Advanced Sports Performance Coach and Totten Training Systems Advanced Olympic Weightlifting Coach. He is also a level 4 Rossiter System fascial stretching, pain relief and mobility practitioner. As an instructor for the USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Weightlifting Coaches Course he has trained and certified hundreds of new weightlifting and sports performance coaches in Colorado and Wyoming. From 2007 to 2009 he was a Team Leader Instructor for Pavel Tsatsouline’s Russian Kettlebell Challenge certifications.

With 30 years of experience, Randy has helped athletes from youth to master to professional ranks get stronger for a variety of sports such as Cross Country, Track and Field, Mountain and Trail Running, Cycling, Obstacle Course Racing, Basketball, Softball, Timber Sports, Olympic Weightlifting and Kettlebell Sport.
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Blake Nelson


Personal Trainer

Blake is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is certified to train Natural Movement through MovNat. He has an athletic background in team sports including hockey and lacrosse; in recent years he has turned to strength training, bouldering and parkour to stay fit.
“I find training so rewarding because helping someone get stronger and move better is literally empowering. They feel better, look better and become more confident every day.” Blake believes the best way to achieve fitness goals is with a simple, progressive approach. “Mastering new movement skills stimulates the body and the mind. Taking the time to practice a movement takes commitment but it gets results.”
Blake’s approach is to build people up and help them grow. “I want clients to end their sessions feeling strong and energized, not worn out. I want them to take that strength and energy out into the rest of their day and the rest of their life!”

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Bert Abbott


Personal Trainer

Bert is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA, a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, and an NSPA Certified Speed and Agility Coach. Her background is originally in secondary science, health, and outdoor & physical education. Her passion is competing in ultimate frisbee, where she captained her team to a National Championship in 2017.

As a coach, Bert is particularly invested in helping teams and individuals move their work in the gym and on the field from simply exercising to specific training that helps achieve their goals. She loves working with athletes of all ages and skill levels, leveraging her understanding of the different ways people learn and develop to get everyone to the next level. She’s especially interested in experimenting with integrating advanced training methods to help folks reach their athletic potential, including Olympic Weightlifting, triphasic training methods, and integrated speed and agility technique work.

You can find her writing on exercise science for ultimate in Ultiworld‘s Tuesday Tips column and her thoughts on equity in ultimate in her column for Upwind Ultimate, BertBrain.

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Bridget McElvain


Kinstretch® Instructor
500 CYT

I have always been an active person, but was no doubt effected by the cultural normalcy of a sedentary lifestyle . I played various sports as a child and throughout my teenage years. I started CrossFit when I was 19 and fell in love with it. The next 6 years, my life revolved around my diet and fitness routine. Around 2014, I seemed to have maxed out my capacity for improvement - I was over-training and under-performing. I was stressed out. My body hurt. I become too sore and stiff to do the functional things CrossFit claimed to prepare me for.

As a yoga teacher, I felt insecure and incompetent as it related to how others should be positioning and moving their bodies. If I was going to be teaching and coaching people, I didn't want to just tell them to do things a certain way because that's what tradition dictates. I wanted real science to inform my teaching and coaching.

My injuries caught up with me and kept me from doing the things that I loved. I had to stop doing CrossFit and yoga. I wasn't getting any relief or answers from the medical community: I dished out thousands of dollars for an MRI, sports medicine doctors, physical therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture with no real solutions for treatment. I was told to rest a lot. I was driven to discover a solution and for me, it is the Functional Range System. 

In a big picture way, having control over my body gives me freedom over my life. If I can move freely, I can better adapt to changing circumstances. The FRS system has offered me a template to refer to as I expand into new territory of learning and implementing new ways of moving and being. The journey into recovering your relationship with your body is a profoundly personal one. My mission is to let my life be an example of what's possible so that I may be your guide on the start of your journey.

Traci Bennett


FRC® Mobility Specialist
Kinstretch® Instructor
Student Massage Therapist

I have been a life-long competitive athlete. I dabbled in soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, and Crossfit. I’ve experienced both sides of the coin: being an athlete and being a coach. After several injuries, I transitioned from a competitive athlete to coach, to mobility specialist. I slowed down to focus on the quality of movement rather than the intensity. I have a deep drive for helping others find their groove. My chronic injuries eventually led me to find Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) and Kinstretch. It helped me realize I didn’t have the necessary prerequisites to perform the movements and motions safely. FRC and Kinstretch are movement enhancement systems that empower you with the tools to mend current and mitigate future injuries. It has given me a whole new perspective on my own training and how I approach training others.  I want to help people move and FEEL better, while imploring them with the knowledge and means to fix themselves.